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    Portfolio Below is some of my work. See my Photography, Illustrations, Logo Designs, Branding,Publications,Typography and other work created through the use Adobe Suite, Colours and Creativity. To see my latest work, please check my Instagram. Photography Below is some of my work. Feel free to contact me to see more. Illustrations Below is some of…

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  • AM

    About Me Learn about me, a creative and passionate designer from South Africa. Samuel Schwartz My name is Sam Schwartz and I was born in 2001 in Johannesburg, South Africa. Growing up, I was always highly inspired by culture such as fashion and music. I am a Graphic Designer and hope to use my degree…

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    ABOUT ME Hey there! My name is Sam and I am a Graphic Designer. Press the “LEARN MORE” button to find out more about me. INSPIRATION STYLE ABOUT ME WHAT MAKES ME STAND OUT MY VISION MY BRAND portfolio Click “HERE” to view some of my work. PACKAGING ILLUSTRATIONS LOGO DESIGN PHOTOGRAPHY contact me Click…

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    Contact Me Get in touch with me here in order to discuss projects and/or work!

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